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Kenneth Starr and
Monica Lewinsky
Home Alone

by Clyde Verner

After all of the pre-release publicity and hype, Kenneth Starr's video production of "President Clinton Does it with Monica Lewinsky" was a big disappointment. Compared to the vivid style of pornography that we have come to expect from Kenneth Starr, the video simply didn't measure up.

Supporting documents released Monday also revealed that Monica Lewinsky and her girlfriend Linda Tripp discussed as early as the fall of 1997 the importance of not cleaning the dress which bore semen stains. While collecting more of what she and Linda called "evidence," Monica Lewinsky continued her efforts to again seduce the President and make him believe that she loved him.

According to Kenneth Starr's report to Congress:

  • as late as December 1997, Ms. Lewinsky wrote that she was "very particular about presents and could never give them to anyone else -- they were all bought with you in mind."
  • In early January 1998, she sent him, along with an antique book about American presidents, "[a]n embarrassing mushy note."
It is interesting to note that Monica Lewinsky's discussion with Linda Tripp about collecting evidence occurred soon after Monica Lewinsky was spurned by her removal from the White House. Why was she removed? According to Kenneth Starr's report:
  • Monica Lewinsky was upset because White House staff wanted to get rid of her, saying the staff felt, "...I was stalking him or I was making advances towards him."
  • Monica Lewinsky was "what we used to call a 'clutch' . . . always someplace she shouldn't be," said Evelyn Lieberman, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. Ms. Lieberman testified that, because Monica Lewinsky was so persistent in her efforts to be near the President, "I decided to get rid of her."
  • "Upon hearing of her dismissal, Monica Lewinsky burst into tears and asked if there was any way for her to stay in the White House, even without pay."
  • According to the report, Monica Lewinsky "felt that she was being transferred simply because of her relationship with the President. And she feared that with the loss of her White House job, 'I was never going to see the President again. I mean, my relationship with him would be over.'"
Monica Lewinsky may not be the only one who has been left feeling abandoned. It is already getting almost impossible to find a Republican politician who will wholeheartedly and publicly align himself with Kenneth Starr. Even Republican Congressmen have been admitting that most of their phone calls since the video's release are from constituents voicing their opposition to impeachment.

The Republican's worst fear, that of a voter backlash against Kenneth Starr and the handful of extreme Republicans who backed his fierce personal attack on President Clinton, may be coming true. Rather than the long hoped for turn against President Clinton, public opinion poll results since the video was released have shown even stronger backing for the President than before.

Copyright © 1998
. All rights reserved.

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