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The Kenneth Starr Probe of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

by Clyde Verner

Friday, 9 October 1998
The governmental meltdown continues in the United States. The US Congress voted to begin an open ended impeachment inquiry, and both the US dollar and the stock market went into freefall. At a time of global financial crisis, the world looks on in dismay as the US Congress continues to let internal political struggles distract and discredit the government.

Monday, 5 October 1998
Who's distracted? These days President Clinton seems better able to concentrate on his work than the Congress does. Even that irrepressible Clinton critic, The Economist, has begun to loose patience with those Republicans who devote most of their time to ramming sex stories down our throats. Referring to the looming crisis for American farmers as world demand collapses, Congress is criticized in this week's issue for its failure to follow up on the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act:

Farmers are angry that Congress has not passed the measures it promised along with Freedom to Farm--less regulation, tax relief and better access to foreign markets.... And it will be nice when Congress can take its eye off presidential scandals and look at what is happening out there on the farms.

Thursday, 1 October 1998
I received this morning the latest of a handful of emails suggesting that I run for president. But with Monica no longer serving in the White House, I expect the job is less interesting than it was.

It seems Monica has already moved on to the lucrative talk show circuit, despite a much publicized setback when Oprah refused her. No doubt a girl with Monica's experience will get on better with Jerry Springer.

Saturday, 26 September 1998
Public opinion polls are again showing significant gains in President Clinton's approval rating following the Republicans' release of video tapes of the President's testimony.

Congressional elections are rapidly approaching. Prior to the release of the Kenneth Starr report, the Republicans were predicted to gain at least six seats in the House, and perhaps five in the Senate. It will be interesting to see whether the growing anti-Republican backlash to Kenneth Starr's report will be strong enough and last long enough to reduce the gains that were predicted earlier.

Friday, 25 September 1998
"What does the Monica Lewinsky affair have to do with fathering?" one reader asked.

Well, besides being the number one story in the land for a while, the issues of sexual fidelity that President Bill Clinton faced are issues that everyone faces someday (or perhaps hopes to), and maybe there are some lessons to be learned here for all of us.

Then there is the "What do we say to the kids?" issue that has come up as parents try to discuss and explain the story. Several parents have asked this of us, but as yet no one has offered any helpful advice. When they do, we'll print it.

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This is a story that shouldn't have been in the news at all. Many good American presidents have had extramarital affairs (President Kennedy went much further afield than President Clinton has, for example), and the only reason these men didn't lie about their private matters was that people were wise enough not to ask. Republicans, in their zeal to recapture the White House, seem to have lost this traditional wisdom. It is not surprising that they are now experiencing a backlash of anger from the voters.

This magazine's pages on the Monica Lewinsky affair cover the story without any lewd sexual details from the Kenneth Starr report. Some of the story titles listed below are admittedly raunchy, but then this is a raunchy subject.

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. All rights reserved.

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