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ChAnGeR: The Single Father

A single father since the age of seventeen, ChAnGeR has learned a lot of life's lessons at a young age.

ChAnGeR portrait
© ChAnGeR - All rights reserved.

ChAnGeR was born in Hamilton, Ontario of French, Scottish and Aboriginal ancestry. A single father since the age of seventeen, ChAnGeR has been through a lot of hardship, and has learned a lot of life lessons at a young age, which compelled him to mature a lot quicker than the average male teen. Although ChAnGeR has been through life with many highs and lows, his passion for music remained steadfast since the tender age of five years old.

ChAnGeR began his musical career in a rap group entitled “The SystemEyed,” which allowed him to learn and developed his writing, producing and performance skills. In 2003, he decided to build his own in-home music studio, and later he started his own productions business entitled "ChAnGeR Productions." The talented artist and businessman was determined then, and still currently focused on getting his voice heard, by sharing his experiences through his music with the world.

Influenced by the likes of artists such as KRS-ONE, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, RZA, AC/DC and Michael Jackson, ChAnGeR’s music is a collective of hip hop, R&B and Pop. You cannot categorize ChAnGeR, because he keeps "switching it up" with his musical versatility. The notion of being able to change vocal and musical modes between rapping and singing is reflected in his music and artist name “ChAnGeR.” The creativity and cleverness that ChAnGeR possesses is just what the industry needs at this moment.

Listen to ChAnGeR's debut single When I Touch U

View ChAnGeR's music video When I Touch U

ChAnGeR portrait
© ChAnGeR - All rights reserved.

"The Single Father"
Track Listing:

  1. When I Touch You
  2. 2 Sleepy
  3. Yummy Mommy
  4. Luv Snaxz
  5. In Hamilton
  6. I Just Want to...
  7. Dancin' In Heaven
  8. Too Busy
  9. Keep On Tickin'
  10. Timid (Feat. The Bailiff)
  11. Dead Beat Mom
  12. Closure

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