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Elián González

How Many T-shirts and Banners Must He Become?

by Mark A. Rogers

page six

Author Note

Dr. Mark A. Rogers is CEO and President of Honisa Behavioral Treatment Centers, which are multidisciplinary providers of multicultural behavioral and mental healthcare, and alternative healthcare services to the Chicago metropolitan area. Clinical services help the body, mind, and spirit to heal. Services, programs, and treatment plans are developed specifically for each unique consumer. Clinical approaches integrate community support, culturally sensitive treatment approaches, and alternative healing practices.

Dr. Rogers’ holds his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Meadows Campus. Dr. Rogers’ clinical training included the integration of theory, research, and a three-year supervised residency in the major aspects of clinical practice. Clinical proficiency focused on all aspects of therapeutic intervention concerning children, adolescent, and adult populations with diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural differences. Proficiency also focused on psychodiagnostic interviewing and DSM conceptualization, psychodiagnostic evaluation, clinical report writing, and treatment planning.

The first two years of Dr. Rogers’ residency was at the Madden Mental Health Center, Hines, Illinois. Dr. Rogers completed the third year of his training at Cermak Health Services, Cook County Department of Corrections; an American Psychological Association accredited internship site. Cermak Health Services is the largest single site correctional service in the country to have full accreditation by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. Clinical services include on-site medical, dental, substance abuse, and psychiatric services to over 9,000 detainees housed daily. Approximately 250 to 350 detainees enter the facility on a daily basis and undergo psychiatric screening. Approximately 10% of those screened are identified and referred for mental health services.

Dr. Rogers holds his Master of Sciences in Curriculum and Instruction, and was awarded a Graduate Teaching Fellowship, from the College of Education, University of Oregon. He taught undergraduate courses on instructional psychology, instructional design and learning systems technology, which were enriched with practical laboratory experience. Dr. Rogers graduate training focused on behavioral psychology, cognitive and instructional psychology, instructional design and learning systems technology, organizational leadership and change, and measurement of learning. Dr. Rogers’ has worked in both public and private behavioral and mental healthcare settings. Professional experience includes work in community mental health, psychiatric hospitals, and private practice. Dr. Rogers served as a consultant and also as a senior clinical therapist for over six years at The Association House of Chicago, a private, nonprofit Latino community-based social service agency.

Dr. Rogers’ Clinical Research Project (CRP) in fulfillment of his Doctor of Psychology focused on the relationship between fatherhood, generativity and acquiring joint-custody. Dr. Rogers’ developed a semi-structured clinical interview protocol known as the Life Span of Fatherhood, which was developed for his pilot study. The pilot study examined the genesis of participants’ fatherhood, how the divorce process affected participants’ fatherhood identity, status and role responsibilities, and whether generativity, generativity chill, and generative fathering contributed to the participants’ decisions to pursue a joint-custody decree. Recommendations for reform were offered regarding child custody decrees, access determination, and fatherhood identity, status and role responsibilities. Dr. Rogers’ ongoing fatherhood work focuses on male gender identity, fatherwork models as developmental processes, frameworks of generative fathering, and how the separation and divorce processes or nonresidential status affect men’s fatherhood identity, status, and role responsibilities with their children.

Media Events

¨      23 September 1999¾Interview with Jonathan Aiken on CNN (Washington, D.C. affiliate) on Father’s Rights.

¨      23 September 1999¾Live Co-Interview with Jim Bohannon, Host of Jim Bohannon Show on Westwood One Radio Network (Washington, D.C.).

¨      23 September 1999¾Live Co-Interview with Nancy Stellabotta, Host of CBN News on Christian Broadcasting Network (Washington, D.C.).

¨      23 September 1999¾Live Co-Interview with Dirk Van, Host of The Source Reports on Westwood One Radio Network (Washington, D.C.).

¨      23 September 1993¾Live Co-Interview with Doug Stephan, Host of Good Day USA on Radio America/National (Washington, D.C.).

¨      17 September 1999¾Live Interview with Herman Washington, D.C. News Anchor of Insight WHUR-FM (Washington, D.C.) on Children’s Rights and Father’s Rights.

¨      Magnarelli, M. (June 20, 1999). Divorced Dads Fight To Be More Than A Meal Ticket. Daily Herald, Section 1, p. 10.

¨      Fatherhood Summit This Weekend. (March 24, 1999). Inside Lincoln Park, p.23.


¨      Co-Presenter on Men: Your Life in Separation and Divorce at the Illinois Psychological Association 1999 Annual Convention.

¨      Co-Presenter on Dads, Kids, and Emotional Development at the Children’s Rights Council 12th National 1999 Conference.

¨      Co-Presenter on Hot New Research with Joyce Arditti, Ph.D., John Guidubaldi, Ed.D., Rick Kuhn, and moderated by Sanford Braver, Ph.D. at the Children’s Rights Council 12th 1999 National Conference.

¨      Co-Presenter on Father’s Rights: Changing the System at the Illinois Fatherhood Initiative’s 1999 Fatherhood Summit: “Fathering and The Whole Family.” Honorary Co-Chairs Mayor Richard Daley, Governor George Ryan, and U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald hosted the summit.

Dr. Rogers’ professional memberships include the American Psychological Association, the Illinois Psychological Association, American Group Psychotherapy Association, Illinois Group Psychotherapy Association, and the International Society for Mental Health Online.

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Copyright © 2000, Mark A. Rogers, M.S., M.A., Psy.D.
All rights reserved.
Honisa Behavioral Treatment Centers, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

the on-line magazine for men with families.

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